Driscol Children's Hospital

Driscoll Children’s Hospital, North Pavilion Expansion

This expansion was an exciting venture that added a 70,000 square foot building to the front of the hospital. The first floor of the new building is home to a new outpatient surgery center and lab.

The new Pediatric Intensive care Unit (PICU) features 16 patient-centered private rooms housed with the latest technology and allowing for more privacy. The hospital’s main lobby is accessed by a concourse connecting the two buildings. In additional phases of this vast construction project, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Radiology waiting areas will be upgraded to make those spaces more child-friendly and family-oriented.

The project also includes enhancements throughout the hospital, including a relocation of the hospital’s helipad and an expansion of the parking garage. These upgrades and new construction position Driscoll Children’s Hospital as the premier location for the care and well-being of South Texas infants and children.




Corpus Christi, Texas

General Contractor

Fulton Construction Corporation/Coastcon Corporation




Cold-form metal framing, Drywall, GFRC, Gypsum board assemblies, Insulation, Interior metal stud framing, Sheathing