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Collaboration at the 2023 ASA Annual Sporting Clay Shoot

MK Marlow Company, LLC and Rogers-O’Brien Construction teamed up for the 2023 ASA Annual Sporting Clay Shoot! This year’s clay shooting event was not merely about precision and aim; it was a testament to the strength of collaboration and unity among MK Marlow’s employees and clients. Colleagues from various departments in both companies came together to make connections beyond the confines of their everyday roles.

The camaraderie and team spirit that emerged during the event created a positive atmosphere where employees cheered each other on to celebrate their success. This team-building event became a ground for bonding, fun and the creation of cherished memories. At MK Marlow we believe that activities such as this clay shoot are a valuable resource in developing a collaborative work atmosphere, strengthening relationships and underscoring the essence of teamwork.

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