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MK Marlow Company, An Interview with our President, Todd Thomas

Currently celebrating our 35th Anniversary, MK Marlow has grown. We continue to serve South and Central Texas with superior drywall and acoustical services. Partnering with some of the largest general contractors in the United States, we have earned numerous awards for our work and strive each day to build excellence.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, this month MK Marlow is pleased to announce our expansion with a new location in Austin, Texas.

To gain a bit of insight into the leadership at MK Marlow, we sat down with the President, Todd Thomas for a Q & A.

Q: Todd, how long have you been with MK Marlow?

Thomas: September, 2020 will be 8 years!

Q: How did you and Mark Marlow meet?

Thomas: I was hired on at MK Marlow Company by a former business acquaintance of mine who I’d known from my days of working in Florida. So, I actually met Mark Marlow, the owner, once I started working with him. The two of us hit it off and he asked me to be his business partner. We make a great team and I really appreciate the relationship we have!

Q: Has your role changed over the years?

Thomas: Initially, I was hired as the Operations Manager. That position segued into Vice President, and now part owner and President of the company.

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment in recent years?

Thomas: You know, I’m really proud of the team that we are building here at MK Marlow. It’s a process to get all the right people on the bus, and have them sit in the correct seat. It takes time and I think it’s something in this labor climate that you always have to be tweaking. People make your company so I would say, our team is my biggest accomplishment. We are truly blessed to have talented professionals working for us!

Q: What is your favorite thing about coming to work each day?

Thomas: I have been at this for nearly 30 years now and I love that you are forever learning in our industry. However, what I really enjoy the most these days is bid day, following up on estimates and selling work! I really enjoy that!

Q: Where do you see the company in the next 10 years?

Thomas: I’m really excited about where we are right now! The new branch office in Austin is coming together and we have some good work there! Over the next 10 years I see us continuing to grow and fine tune what we do to provide the absolute best customer experience to our clients.

Q: What are your goals to move the company in that direction?

Thomas: We continue to evaluate and fine-tune policies and procedures to streamline processes. This makes us a nimble company with the ability to provide a top-shelf experience to our customers. Training is also vital to our future success. We foster our younger employees, showing them the responsibilities of our business and what it takes to achieve success. They are the next generation of leaders for this company and it’s important to instill a sense of ownership and pride in their positions.

Q: This year has been stressful on everyone for so many different reasons, what keeps you positive and grounded and helps you to motivate employees?

Thomas: Yes, I think it has been very stressful on everyone, especially since we are fighting an invisible enemy! It can be tough, but I try to stay positive because I am the leader of this company and with that I feel a sense of responsibility to both our employees and their families. We keep them informed of what’s going on and what’s changing to the best of our abilities. I think an informed employee who knows you have their best interest at heart makes for a motivated employee.

Q: What is one word that describes you best?

Thomas: “Worker!” If I had two words it would be “Hard Worker!”

Q: Finally, what super-power would you like to have?

Thomas: The ability to fly! How cool would that be to never have to sit in traffic?

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