Our Work


Quality service is a top priority at MK Marlow Company. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team of estimators, project managers, and field staff are charged with assuring proficient transition through each stage of a project – budgeting through completion.

Building More Than Structures

At MK Marlow we build all kinds of projects from hospitals and schools to hotels and event centers. We’ve even worked on manufacturing facilities that produce items many people use in their everyday lives. These massive structures are welcome projects because we like what we do and having the opportunity to build on an extra-large scale is exciting to our team! Additionally, working with these incredible clients for years at a time allows us to establish and nurture trust, collaboration and increased efficiency. We value our deep relationships because it enables smoother communication, expanded understanding of project requirements and enhanced project delivery. Our industry isn’t just about putting up buildings—it’s about shaping our community with each and every project.

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